astrocats package



astrocats.main module


Get a string representing the current git status (tag and commit hash).

git_vers : str


Load and parse command-line arguments.

args : str or None
‘Faked’ commandline arguments passed to argparse.
args : argparse.Namespace object
Namespace in which settings are stored - default values modified by the given command-line arguments.

Load a logging.Logger object.

args : argparse.Namespace object
Namespace containing required settings: {args.debug, args.verbose, and args.log_filename}.

log : logging.Logger object

astrocats.main.load_user_config(args, log)

Load settings from the user’s confiuration file, and add them to args.

Settings are loaded from the configuration file in the user’s home directory. Those parameters are added (as attributes) to the args object.

args : argparse.Namespace
Namespace object to which configuration attributes will be added.
args : argparse.Namespace
Namespace object with added attributes.

Primary entry point for all AstroCats catalogs.

From this entry point, all internal catalogs can be accessed and their public methods executed (for example: import scripts).


Setup a configuration file in the user’s home directory.

Currently this method stores default values to a fixed configuration filename. It should be modified to run an interactive prompt session asking for parameters (or at least confirming the default ones).

log : logging.Logger object

Module contents


Scripts for creating and analyzing catalogs of astronomical data.